Recognize Your Influence!

When you are a caregiver, it is so easy to forget about yourself.  It is often the day to day activities, stress, and appointments that fill out the moments of your day.  It can overshadow the profound influence you have on others.  Whether you realize it of not, you are making a difference in lives.

Obviously, you are having an effect on the person or people you are caring for, but you affect others as well.  If you have children, they see the dedication and love you give to those you care for, and this leaves an impression on them about what it means to care for others.  You are also, if there are other family members who have moved on in their lives, having an impact on them.  This may not feel like a good thing, especially if you feel abandoned by these family members, but the effect you have on them may change them for the better.

The most important thing you can do is to recognize your influence because you deserve self-recognition.  It is great to be humble, but you should still be proud of the sacrifices and devotion you are exhibiting in caregiving.  It is a hard job, and feeling good about what you are doing can give you the much needed boost of confidence to continue in your role.  Be proud of yourself!


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