The Importance of Prioritizing in Caregiving!

One of the greatest things a caregiver can learn is how to prioritize effectively.  Basically, caregiving is a never-ending job that can be overwhelming, taxing, and stressful.  Sometimes, it may seem impossible to get through the insurmountable tasks while managing the basic needs of running a house.  This is why it is crucial for a caregiver to learn how to prioritize.

Yes, laundry is important, but medication organization may be more important on a specific day.  A caregiver needs to learn to weigh the importance of each task day-to-day because its priority level will change day-to-day.  That laundry may not be as important because there are still three days left of clean clothing, but if the person being cared for only has one change of clothes and they are vomiting, that laundry will have a higher priority that day.  Here are a few ways to help keep you organized and to create a better organization to your day.

1.  The night before, take 15 minutes to make a list of priorities for the next day.  At this point, the day is done, and lingering items that may be more important the next day can be moved up on the list while new items can be weighed against it and placed in order.

2.  When the morning comes, review the list and add anything new that comes to mind.  Then, highlight the items that need to be done that day.  If it could be put off, do not highlight it.

3.  Number the highlighted items in the order they should be done based on priority.

This will help you to get done the most important things first and to feel accomplished.  When those items are done, you can move down your list. If you are exhausted and it can be put off, move it to the next list at the end of the night for you to review the next day.  Do not make yourself suffer by letting disorganization take over.  Be more organized, and you will find some of your stress will melt away.  Not all of it, but even a little less stress can make a huge difference in the life of caregiving!


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